Colorful Food


45 minutes

I will get to know you by asking you questions regarding your past medical history, medical tests undertaken, symptoms and diet. I will then assist you to work towards achieving your health goals.

Tofu Salad

Initial Chronic Disease Management Plan

45 minutes

A Chronic Disease Management Plan may be provided by your doctor if you have a chronic health condition. This means that you are eligible for a rebate from Medicare for your appointment. Please note, a gap fee may apply.

Fresh Food


30 minutes

We will discuss your progress with your desired nutrition goals and answer any questions that may have arisen after our initial consultation. From here, I will work with you to further tweak your diet to assist you to create a healthy, happy and positive relationship with food.

Stuffed Avocado

Review Chronic Disease Management Plan

30 minutes

I will discuss with you how you are progressing towards your health goals. Please bring with you any questions you may have and I will continue to assist you to create a healthy, happy and positive relationship with food.